Power 96 FM Miami -&- São Paulo Radio - June 1993

by: euretrodance90radiomixes

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Power 96 FM Miami & São Paulo BRASIL - Mon. & Tues. June 14-15, 1993

Part 1 - POWER 96 Miami - Monday 14 June 1993 (8PM -11PM)

w/ DJ Lazaro Mendez

Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) - Bizarre Inc

I'm Gonna Get You - Bizarre Inc ft. Angie Brown

Back To My Roots (Jheri Curl Juice Mix) - RuPaul

"Love U More" (Shiner&Valentine Mix ) - Sunscreem

Dance 2 The Music (That Club) -The Final Word

Soltero Y Sabroso - Los Sabrosos Del Merengue

Power96 TOP 5 @ 10' w/ DJ Lazaro Mendez

#5 Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix) - Awesome 3

#4 It's My Life - Dr. Alban

#3 Show Me Love - Robin S

#2 I Get Lonely Too (Club Mixx) - Ace

#1 More And More - Capt. Hollywood Project

Part II - São Paulo BRASIL - tça-feira 15 junho 1993 (Tues. Jun. 15, 1993)

Nova FM 89,7 FM (?) São Paulo

I Feel The Friction (Dot Power)- Plus Staples

Geral FM (?) São Paulo - 15/06/93

Talarico, Ladrão De Mulher - Zeca Pagodinho

Lenda Das Sereias - Marisa Monte

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