Hot 92.5 San Diego The Power Station (XHRM-FM) - April / May 1990 (A)

by: euretrodance90radiomixes

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The Power Station 92-5 San Diego (XHRM 92.5 FM Tijuana) - April/May 1990 (A)

Random recordings and mixes from San Diego's short-lived CHR dance music radio station which was known "The Power Station 92-5" back in the spring 1990.*

"Sign Of The Times" - Belle Stars

"Close (To The Edit)" - Art Of Noise

"Sunshine 89" - Fax Yourself

"Getting Away With It" (Vocal Remix) - Electronic

"Stop Me (If I Fall In Love)" - Alé

"Into The Groove" (Remix) - Madonna

"Around The World" (Around The House Mix) - Lisa Stansfield

"All That Glitters Isn't Gold" (C+C R&B Mix) - The Cover Girls

"Living In Oblivion" (Box Mix) -Anything Box

"There's A Party Going On" - Yvonne

"C'mon And Get My Love" - D Mob With Cathy Dennis

*more information on the history of XHRM 92.5 FM San Diego which today is known as

"Magic 92.5"

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