Westwood - Capital Rap Show [23 March 1991]

by: Version Sound

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Source: http://randomrapradio.com/

Duration: 53:50

Shouts/Respects/Big it Up @: https://randomrapradiodotcom.wordpress.com/

This is a LOUDNESS heavy TDK AD90 that opens with the '91 Capital Rap Show style of introduction, the opening teaser of segments from the big hitter tunes and then right into the show. This one heads straight into a World Premiere from Terminator X, introducing the Jeep Beat sound of Homey Dont Play Dat. Its another part tape [54 Mins] with only a couple of tracks from the B-Side. There are bangers like Black Sheeps 'U Mean I’m Not?', classic Craig G, Marley Marl remixes of King Tee, a bit of Queen Mother Rage, some fresh sounding Pete Rock & CL Smooth and a great track produced by ex-Billboard Rap Editor Havelock Nelson, sounding like something from CB4, called 'This Jam is Black?!'

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