#mashupmonday 2 mixed by Joe Reece

by: themashup.co.uk

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01 Ayy Macarena To Macarena (Joe Reece Wordplay Segue)

02 Macarena Swalla (Joe Reece Switch Up Edit)

03 Strike Me A Pose & Taste

04 Taste 2 Shake That (Joe Reece 98-107 Wordplay Segue)

05 Hot In Herre (RAYMOND Flip Edit)

06 Spicy (TMU Acapella In)

07 I Dont Care (Sound Of The Police Hype Acapella Intro)

08 I Dont Care If Youre Sorry (Joe Reece Wordplay Segue)

09 Sorry (Acapella In)

10 Sorry (Original To Kamikarzy Remix) (Flip Edit)

11 House Work (TMU Acapella)

12 House Work More Life (Joe Reece Mashup)

13 Heard It Through The Strings Of Life (Joe Reece Mashup)

14 Turn Me On (Original To Craig Knight Remix) (TMU Flip Edit)

15 I Wanna Dance With The Weekend (Joe Reece Mashup)

16 Weekend Low (Discosid Mashup)

17 Ritual (Acapella)

18 In & Out Of Ritual (Discosid Mashup)

19 Dont Start One More Switch (Joe Reece Edit)

20 Bitter Sweet Dance Monkey (Switch Disco Edit) (Joe Reece Slam Intro)

21 September Soul Sacrifice (Joe Reece Edit)

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