Kraftwerk - The Chelsea, Las Vegas, 2014-06-28

by: technopop2000

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Kraftwerk - The Chelsea, Las Vegas, 2014-06-28

(2016 Home Remaster)

1. Meine Damen Und Herren [*Contains Noise]

2. The Robots [*Contains Noise/*Incomplete]

3. Metropolis

4. Numbers

5. Computer World

6. Home Computer

7. Computer Love

8. The Man・Machine

9. Spacelab

10. The Model

11. Neon Lights

12. Autobahn

13. Geiger Counter

14. Radioactivity (Fukushima Version)

15. Tour De France 1983

16. Prologue

17. Tour De France Étape 1

18. Chrono

19. Tour De France Étape 2

20. Trans Europe Express

21. Abzug

22. Metal On Metal

23. Electric Cafe

24. The Telephone Call

25. House Phone

26. Boing Boom Tschak

27. Techno Pop

28. Musique Non Stop

29. [Encore Break]

30. Aéro Dynamik

31. Planet Of Visions

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