Through The Smog 029 - SUCHI (Ft. Guest Mix by Barlic Gutter)


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Barlic Gutter, the artist formerly known as Kineza, has been making mixes and garlic butter since 2011. Originally from Cyprus ( a country not usually known for its garlic butter), you can count on her to bring the butter to your drums, garlic to your soothing synth, barlic to your twitchy rhythm and more importantly the gutter to your bleeping ethereal musical cosmos - because everybody likes a bit of garlic butter, even when it's dairy free.

Transmitted from NYC, Through The Smog aims to bring you a mixed bag of classic gems, obscure releases, unreleased tracks and just good old dancefloor fillers. Expect anything from 70s Tunisian funk to 90s Detroit electro, and everything in between.

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