1983 - BBC Radio1 Top40 (30th Oct 1983) - Tommy Vance (Type1 C-120)

by: Stewart Carson

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Right, there is/were small parts of this recording missing, what's missing (Tommy doing the rundown from 40 to 30), there's maybe 2 to 3 mins missing in total still not there.

I had missed out King Curt and Gary Newman in 83 but re-edited them back in (2018) as well as "Say Say Say" at the tape change over from sides A to B..

Note the label states November but was recorded 30th October 83.

BBC Radio 1 Top 40 30th October 1983 with Tommy Vance

Recording Date : 30th Oct 1983

Cassette Tape : Sony BHF C120

Cassette Recorder : Sony TC-136SD


FM Tuner : Sony ST 3950F


Transmitter : Darvel (East Ayrshire, Scotland)


Recording Location : Irvine, Ayrshire (15 miles from transmitter)

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