Spacemusic 13.5 Edition XL

by: Spacemusic Podcast

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[ Original air date: 2021-03-10 ] In this special edition of the Spacemusic podcast you will notice that tracks have a minimum playtime of 10 minutes, giving all listeners the opportunity to completely tune in and feel totally Ambient ; when music becomes one with the environment.

Sometimes you won’t even notice until you press stop. Other moments a piece will impact and score what’s on your mind. Welcome to Edition XL - an experience ‘electronique’ that runs towards the 90 mins mark. This chapter will probably end up in your most played items list.

Featuring: Steve Roach, Martin Stürtzer, Maneki Neko, Al Jewer & Andy Mitran, Frore & Shane Morris, Dreamstate Logic, Akasha Project.

Compiled, arranged, mixed, recorded, edited, processed & finalised by *TC*

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