Secret Sun Society #10 This World Needs a Mother "What the water gave me"

by: ВĒИ

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Podcast 10. To "celebrate" such a unique number we have Jelena Dunic from Belgrade. Her aka TWNM is the radio space broadcast monthly for five years on the internet radio Popscotch, also based in Belgrade.

Jelena is also in other projects like Live Soundtrack, monthly audio-visual/film music event (links in comments)

Each episode of TWNM is like a sound journey, a voiceless narration, a universe in itself. Jelena chooses a context, not necessarily a musical one. Then she begins to work around it, explores it, investigates it and develops it. She records the episode and closes the circle. And the next one will be another completely different story.

Jelena tells you:

"This time, we gonna follow electronic echoes from the far away Andes. This is a journey through the mystical and melodic world of electro cumbia that blends organic and electronic sound in a ritual trance of Latin American autochthonous dances."

Cover: Paula Duró

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