D.A.T.C. Mikey Dread 1979 Jamaica JBC Radio.

by: Dr. Reggae Richie

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Michael Campbell aka Mikey Dread From Port Antonio Jamaica

A recording of Mickey Dread from 1979 JBC Radio Jamaica and its hard to believe that Mikey was,t allowed to speak back then on JBC radio Jamaica . . . so he filled his shows with crazy voice overs and samples and freshly made Dubs which he would play on J.B.C. Radio Jamaica.

Got this tape about two years ago and I have been meaning to share it,from a young age I was a big fan,so when I first listened to this show, it was like finding hidden treasures . . . it blew mi away. Great show here from the late D.A.T.C. may he rest in peace as he did so much great work in the foundation of Reggae Music .

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