SOUNDBYTES VOL. 2 (FEB. 14, 2005)

by: Rhettmatic

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Back in 2005, I used to do a Mixtape or should i say Mix CD series called "Soundbytes". It was basically on some "whatever I was feeling at the moment" steeze; it could've been Breaks, it could've been Hip Hop, or even House. This 2nd installment was made by accident. This mix was originally made for my girlfriend at that time as a Valentine's Day gift. She liked it so much that she suggested that I should put it out publicly, so I made a slightly different version & gave some promo copies out at NIGHTLIFE (a monthly club that the Beat Junkies used to do at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood during the years of 2002-2005). BTW, this was Pre-Serato, all Vinyl (not like it really matters anymore...LOL)

Even though I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day anymore, I figured I shared this old mix for all you lovers (& music lovers) out there to chill out to or to create some ambience to set a mood with that special someone. This is definitely for the ladies. Enjoy!



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