... le matin du jeudi 28 mai 2020

by: Radio Campus Bruxelles 92.1

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Basil Kirchin "The Suspended Fourth" / Jon Hassell "Hex" / David Byrne "Fuzzy Freaky (DJ Food Remix)" / Marion Cousin & k a u m w a l d "Delgadina" / King Midas Sound "In The Night" / Loup Uberto "Il Pecoraro 2" / Tricky, Terry Hall & Martina Topley Bird "Poems" / Nina Simone "Dambala" / Gary Higgins "Stable the Spuds" / Kevin Ayers "Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong" / Aksak Maboul "True, False, Fictive/Histoire De Fous" / Jung "The Real Thing" / Ich Bin "Hypermassacre" / Philippe Doray "Page de magazine" / Caroline Cler, Boris Vian & Bernard Parmegiani "L’alcool tue" / Ginette Garcin & Michel Magne "Jesus Tango" / Shirley Collins "All Things Are Quite Silent" / Jean Ritchie ‎"Black Is The Color" / Donnie & Joe Emerson "Baby" / Judee Sill "The Donor".

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