by: Paul Clasper

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90 minutes of good quality classics to lift the mood in these uncertain times. Easter Monday used to be all about clubbing. I can't wait to get back out there once all this virus rubbish is over! Stay safe peeps!


1. DJ Jan – X Santo (Transa Mix)

2. Jan Johnston – Calling your name

3. Thrillseekers – Synestasia

4. Rank1 – Airwave (Clasper edit)

5. BT – Dreaming (Libra mix)

6. Atlantis – Fiji

7. BT & PVD ft Jan Johnston – Sunblind

8. Timeok – 7 Floating ways (Dave Emanuel remix)

9. Euphonic – Sahara

10. Trouser Enthusiasts – Sweet Release 2017

11. Neptune Project – Proteus

12. Sunlounger – Lost (Will Atkinson mix)

13. Tiesto – Suburban train (Jordan Suckley remix)

14. Klea – TicToc (PVD mix)

15. Sash – Mysterious Times (Trance mix)

16. Tony Di Vit vs Kathy Brown - Turn me out at Dawn

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