The Home And The World 025 (BENGALI ROCK বেঙ্গল রক সংগীত) - Nishant Mittal [24-08-2019]

by: Nishant Mittal

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"Oh, the joy of digging for vinyl, you never know what you find.

Over the last few months I've found a lot of Bengali records (primarily the language of West Bengal, India) here in Bangalore and in some of these records I've discovered crazy rock tunes. Taking inspiration from these records, I've made a mix which has everything from garage rock, to indie rock to folk rock and more from the state of West Bengal.

My personal favourites in the mix are two tracks from Bharat Karki's 1978 album "International Music" released on an obscure Bengali label "Gathani", which co-incidentally arrived at my home just today. I hope the listeners have a nice time listening to this, and maybe find joy knowing and hearing the amazing rock from Bengal's past."

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