Let's start to dance 2

by: DJ_Duke

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Let's start to dance 2


01.I should be so lucky (extended mix) - Kylie Minogue

02.Precious little diamond (12 inch) - Fox the fox

03.Fresh (mark berry remix '85) - Kool the gang

04.One man - Chanelle

05.A lover's holiday - Change

06.Don't tell me (original U.S. extended 12 inch remix) - Blancmange

07.Angel eyes - Lime

08.Cuba - Gibson brothers

09.Cerrone - Supernature

10.What is love (12 inch) - Haddaway

11.Megatron man - Patrick Cowley

12.Mind Warp - Patrick Cowley

13.Shot in the night - Paul Parker

14.Unexpected lovers - Lime

15.Disco Kids - Boys town gang

16.The Break - Katmandu

17.A Teens - Mama Mia (extended version)

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