FrequenZ Mixshow with Martyr (Industrial // Hard Techno) #055

by: Martyr // FrequenZ Mixshow

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Welcome to Episode 55 of FrequenZ! This mix features new Industrial Techno and Dark Techno tracks from 2019. I hope you enjoy the mix. Please like and share on Mixcloud or social media if you feel inclined to. Please let me know what you think in the comments down below! Donate to my channel:

1. Xerxes - Lars Huismann

2. Remember Your Limits (Exium Remix) - Overstep -

3. Until The End - SDB

4. Ego - Öspiel

5. Electronic Examination - Scenedrone & SteroLounge

6. Sad Nebula - Koszmar

7. Fury - SWART

8. Seems To Be Casual - Hioll

9. Awake My Judgment - Nuit Noire

10. Dualism Abrogation Manifest - Znzl

11. Not A Fear Of It (Hadone Remix) - Ceili

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