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Krunk's weekly Guest Mixes showcases the best electronic music from the Indian subcontinent & abroad.

Guest Mix - 110 by OX7GEN.


About OX7GEN:

With over a decade of extensive touring and several independent releases under his belt, it's hard to deny that OX7GEN, which is drummer Aditya Ashok's alter ego, is at the forefront of the Drum & Bass evolution in India. His latest singles, 'Trinity' & 'Trinity VIP' were released in 2018 & 2019 through Hospital Record's radical sister label Med School Music whose aim is to champion emerging talent from across the world. Over the years, Aditya has gone on to support the biggest names in Drum & Bass, some of which include the likes of London Elektricity, Sub Focus, Netsky, Alix Perez, Dub Phizix, and Skeptical.

'I’ve left everything melodic & liquid on the shelf for this one, bringing you a solid half hour of balls to the wall drum & bass to get your blood flowing and send your serotonin levels soaring.' - OX7GEN

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