Songs about LSD Vol. 1

by: Joshua Hodson-Smith

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I have been collecting records seriously for about 12 years and a large percentage of these have usually got one common link running through them. My early 20's obsession with LSD led me down a path of finding immense amounts of bizarre music. I loved everything to do with hallucinating, how others hallucinated and the creative ripple effect from such an experience. Sure, acid isn't very cool anymore. Tech billionaires use it to help conquer the conquered planet. Sure, a person has told you once that he has a uniquely exterior and expanded view of civilization and the universe, far beyond the reaches of everyone who hasn't seen walls breathe. They are also one of the stupidest people ever born. Sure, it is largely an unpleasant experience where you give yourself hours of really personal pep talks and constantly remind yourself that it does end. Sure, heaps of the music about it is naff as fuck and incredibly dated in almost every single way. Still love it though lolz x

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