Armin Van Buuren and Tall Paul - Essential Mix 04-25-2004

by: JeLs R Paredes

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Armin van Buuren mix

01. Synergy - Hello Strings [Silver Planet]

02. Above & Beyond - No One on Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) (Anjuna Beats)

03. Roland Klinkenberg - Monday Groove (EE/Armada)

04. Ton TB - Dream Machine (Black Hole)

05. Mark Norman - Phantom Manner (Black Hole)

06. Abel Ramos - Aquarius (Randy Katana Remix) (Pulsar Records)

07. Arctic Quest - Offbeat (Armind/Armada)

08. Armin van Buuren - Communication (White Label)

09. Remy & Roland klinkenberg - Till Ya Drop (EE/Armada)

10. Nickelson - Yin (White Label)

Tall Paul mix

01. Mal Black - Deviation (Duty Free)

02. Scent – Up & Down (Mazza & Go Remix)

03. Spektrum - Kind Of New

04. Emanuel Top - Mars

05. High Classhookers - Out Side (DK)

06. Meat Katie - The Answer (Santos Remix)

07. Spankox - To The Club

08. Agnelli & Nelson – Holding Onto Nothing

09. Filterheadz - Yimanya

10. Tim Deluxe - Just Won't Do

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