Kenny Everett broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol

by: IN THE 1970S

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Kenny Everett broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol

Kenny Everett, original name Maurice James Christopher Cole, (born December 25, 1944, Liverpool, —died April 4, 1995, ), British disc jockey and television entertainer known for his wacky, inventive comedic style and often controversial irreverence. His successful jump from radio to television helped redefine the role of radio personality as a springboard to other areas of entertainment.

The son of a tugboat captain, he grew up in the suburbs of Liverpool. Following a brief period at seminary school, he worked in the advertising department of a shipping publication. He also made “air-check” style audition tapes, which he sent to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and to Radio London, the slickest of the pirate radio stations anchored along the coastline of the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s. Upon being hired by Radio London, he changed his name (a legal precaution undertaken by most of the station’s disc jockeys) to Kenny Everett.

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