'Drivin' Home With the Blues' with Irene B' 14th April 2020

by: Irene R. Barrett

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Artists heard in this PODCAST of ''Drivin' Home With the Blues with the 'Mississippi Moonshine Mama' Irene B' 14th April 2020 are Alex Lopez ID, Anthony Gomes, Avey Grouws Band, Billy Hector ID, JT Lauritsen, Kelly's Lot - Kelly Zirbes, Stephen Foster & Howler, Rick Estrin, Big Bone Daddy - Bill DeHart, Ben Rice & RB Stone II, Delbert McClinton & Self Made Men + Dana, Jon Gindick, Jersey Swamp Cats, Jason Buie, Meg Williams, Big Dave McLean, Mick Kolassa & Friends CD, Country Pete McGill, Nat Bolden, James Newman, Omar & The Howlers, Jim Dan Dee, Connor Selby, Lazy Eye, Altered Five Band, Anthony Geraci, Backtrack Blues Band, Big Dave McLean, Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore, Jay Willie & James Montgomery, Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown. Photo with Delbert McClinton Big Blues Bender 2016

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