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Despite their ghoulish name the Comateens were actually more of a party band. Taking their name from a lurid headline in the New York Post, the Comateens carried the monster-mash torch originally lit by the Cramps and the Fleshtones. Toss in the demented energy of the B-52's and the Comateens' sound is complete. The Comateens were formed in New York in 1980 by Ramona Jan (guitar), Nic North (bass, vocals), and a drum machine. After Lyn Byrd (synthesizer, vocals) joined the group and Oliver North (guitar, vocals) replaced Ramona, they recorded their self-titled debut LP in 1981. The album became a cult favorite among college hipsters, especially the band's remake of "The Munsters Theme". However, the Comateens actually gained a larger following in Europe, especially France...

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