The FRUK Isolation Mix # 02

by: Folk Radio

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Music Played

00:00 The Innocence Mission - Bright As Yellow

03:27 Jamie Barnes - Glory Days

07:51 Sharron Kraus - In The Middle Of Summer

11:32 Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go

14:44 Aldous Harding - Party

20:20 Roddy Woomble/Andy Cutting/Kris Drever/Kate Rusby - The Weight Of Years

23:37 Jessica Pratt - Strange Melody

28:34 Iron & Wine - Singers And The Endless Song

32:06 Emmylou Harris/The Bootleggers/Nick Cave - Cosmonaut

35:45 Willy Tea Taylor - Traded Your Guitar

39:14 Christopher Paul Stelling - Who I Am

43:12 Daniel Martin Moore - Dark Road

45:46 Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ramblin' Man

49:09 James Yorkston & The Athletes - This Time Tomorrow

51:09 Jose Gonzalez - Teardrop

54:19 DM Stith - Pigs

59:07 Julie Byrne - Sleepwalker

01:03:20 Laura Marling - I Was An Eagle

01:07:40 Marissa Nadler - Leather Made Shoes

01:12:19 Nancy Elizabeth - Off With Your Axe

01:16:30 Clem Snide - Bird On A Wire

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