B96 Chicago Sat. Night Dance Party - 04 May 1991 - Tim 'Spinnin' Schommer

by: euretrodance90radiomixes

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B96 Saturday Night Dance Party - Sat. 04 May 1991 - Tim 'Spinnin' Schommer

"The Killer Bee" B96 WBBM 96.3 FM Chicago

I Don't Want To Lose Your Love (Power House Mix) B Angie B

Temptation - Corina

Freestyle House Megamix

Like A Child/Silent Morning - Noel

Can't Let You Go (Extended Dance Mix) - CORO

Now And Forever - Nyasia

Love Desire (House Of Def Mix) - Sandee


Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee) C.W

It's Like That (Homie Liked That) - Power Juvenile

Gotta Love For You - Jomanda

I Don't Know Anybody Else (Hurley's House Mix) - BlackBox ft. Martha Wash

Drums Of Love - 7th Heaven

My Heart Alone - Sam Savon

Without You - George Lamond

Taste The Bass - SaFire


Dangerous On The Dancefloor - Musto & Bones

Crazy - Daisy Dee




Kid Get Hyped - Deskee

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