Annie Nightingale 1st May 1994 - The Best of the Request Show Part 2 (Her Last Radio 1 Request Show)

by: Mark Andrew Jones

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Annie Nightingale’s last Radio 1 Request Show - 1st May 1994

There’s slight Wow & Flutter for the first half of this recording. I realised what was causing it before I started the second half. It’s not bad enough to stop the enjoyment of this great final show. Annie plays some great tracks (As she always does :)

Annie’s Penultimate Show - 24th April 1994 - The Best of the Request Show Part 1 can be found here...

Transmitter - Pontop Pike, Dipton, County Durham, 98.1 MHz Stereo

Tuner - Pioneer TX560L

Tape Deck - Sony TC-377

Tape - BASF LH Super (Speed 9.5cm, No N.R.)

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