DJ. DONNY BURLIN_Downtempo Mix Tape Series (Live @ Mo'Jazz-1995_Baltimore)

by: Donny Burlin

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DJ. DONNY BURLIN_Downtempo Mix Tape Series (Live @ Mo'Jazz_1995)

1997 Best Dance-Club Night - Mo' Jazz @ The Spot, Baltimore, MD.

The Spot's Mo' Jazz on Sunday nights has something for pretty much everybody who goes out clubbing in Baltimore. A rotating lineup of DJs Atom, Who, Oji, and Donny Burlin commandeers the turntables for the main dance floor, while Mike B, Leon, and frequent guest LoveGrove headline the lounge area in the back room, providing the mix of energetic groove material and laid-back midtempo jazz and hip-hop that sets the standard for Baltimore clubs. And give this weekly event props for its longevity and foresight in bringing dance music to the 21-and-over crowd.

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