East African Overdose Mix Vol 2

by: Dj Shinski

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Dj Shinski – East African Overdose Mix 2

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1. Sura Yako - Sauti Sol (KE)

2. Chameleon – Wale Wale (UG)

3. Pallaso & Sheebah - Go Down Low (UG)

4. Jaguar - One Centimeter (KE)

5. Eddy Kenzo - Jambole (UG)

6. Diamond Feat. Davido - My Number One (Remix)(TZ)

7. Eddy Kenzo - Leka Nzine (Sitya Loss) (UG)

8. Vivian - Woman In Love (KE)

9. Jaguar – Kioo (KE)

10. Mo Music – Basi Nenda (TZ)

11. Lady Jay Dee - Yahaya (TZ)

12. Dr Jose Chameleone - Tubonge (Dj John Remix)(UG)

13. Bebe Cool N Irene Ntale - Addiction (UG)

14. The Kansol (Mejja, Kidkora & Madtraxx) - Dabotap (KE)

15. Peter Miles - Frontline (UG)

16. Visita, Kenrazy And DNA – Shilingi Yangu (KE)

17. Jay A Feat- Sage, Kenrazy, Visita,...

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