My House Radio show 2020-05-16

by: DJ Chiavistelli

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The Radio Show - Mix & Select by DJ Chiavistelli

16 May 2020 DJ Set

1 Hollaphonic & Xriss - Save Me DANCEANDLOVE

2 Redondo ft Penny F - Fine Art FRCST

3 Marc Benjamin ft Able Faces - Show You Love HEARTFEELDT

4 Cecilia Krull - Agnus Dei EGO MUSIC

5 Adrian Zack - Give Me A Little Love DUQUA

6 Donati & Amato vs ATFC - Thrill Me TOTAL FREEDOM


8 Andrea Giudice & Larry Cadge - Baby TOOLROOLM

9 ATFC - Tech House Kinda Thing TOOLROOLM

10 Amorhouse - All In DUQUA

11 Ewan McVicar - Street Rave TRICK

12 Marco Anzalone - Goosebumps GLASGOW UNDERG.

13 Moreno Pezzolato - Sing It Back GLASGOW UNDERG.

14 Gabry Venus x Gary Caos - Insane In Tha Brain CASA ROSSA

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