DepGlobe - LOVEPOTION inFLOWMOTION Autumn 2019 (NES118)

by: DepGlobe

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Lovepotion inFLOWMOTION Mixed by DepGlobe Autumn 2019.

Premiere: 2019-09-10

When 5 hours is not enough to tell the story I went on and on and just recorded an extra hour and my 6 hour journey was finished. Welcome to the trip from 100 BPM to 124BPM. Do you recognize your warm up DJ seamlessly moving you into that flow that starts hitting you somewhere around the 112BPM and never stops where you hardly feel that the tempo is moving up?

Enjoy the next 6 hours with 61 tracks carefully selected by DepGlobe himself. Enjoy the electronic downtempo beats, the ethno sounds, but most of all the joyful Progressive House tracks, some older, some brand new and some promo's all to bring you the joy you are looking for.

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