DJ Jazzywhut! Presents - Boomshotz! (90's Hip-Hop-Reggae 1991-1997)

by: DJ Jazzywhut!

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One of my all time fave genres was Hip-Hop/Reggae when Jamaican Reggae chat/ toasting met with boom-bap Hip-Hop beats (technically known as Raggamuffin or Ragga) in around 1986 but it really blew up in the 90's and was blaring from speakers, jeeps, discman's and clubs etc with the likes of Bobby Konders, Super Cat and Cutty Ranks becoming household names and many Hip-Hop MC's, DJ's and Producers getting involved.

It sadly didn't last overly long as a genre but there are still some artists making this type of music and I hope we see a resurgence at some stage.

I gathered some of my all time fave tracks here and all I ask is that you turn it up loud and share and re-post as I think this (just over 2 hours) mix/playlist speaks for itself.

Big Up! Big Up!

Full playlist in comments section.

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