Eminem The Shadiest

by: Dj Risky Bizness

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So recently i have had some people ask me about the Eminem Mixtape The Shadiest that i released back in 98' with help from my buddy DJ Cue..i haven't listened to this in a loooooong time..lol so i decided to dig it up and put it up here on sound cloud . So here is the story.. back in 98. i was going to Detroit to meet up with Dj Head..trading to get dope Local MI Stuff and i would bring him Local Chi artist. Now head was Eminem's Dj and had produced most of the Slim Shady EP.. Em had already made his buzz in the underground (Battles,Lyricist Lounge,Unsigned Hype) and was recording a new album. When i got to detroit me and Head were in his basement talking bout Em's Buzz and what was going down and he said em was bout to be signed i was like word,I just got this new gear and wanted to do a mix of some of the underground em stuff.So i drove home with a bunch of demos and figured i would thow them together in a mix tape release and give it out to my homies. i never imagined Eminem or t...

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