WWRS: The Forge 2.9

by: Carl Pickles

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Oops! Have to admit I’ve surprised myself (but not necessarily in a pleasant way) in that this edition of The Forge has taken considerably longer to produce than I was expecting. I’m going to blame the onset of a global pandemic of the coronavirus named COVID-19 for this one.

Anyway, it’s (as usual, if you don’t mind me saying) a cracker of a show for you this time out. There’s new songs from Firewind, Testament, Jinjer and many others. It just illustrates how global Metal truly is. There are also contributions from Italy, the UK, Germany, Romania and quite a few other countries.

Point your browsers over to https://www.patreon.com/metalscienceteacher and become a patron if you want to get the next one straight into your Inbox, exclusively early and help me improve audio quality.

But let’s stop beating around the bush.

Mosh buffers to maximum.

Thrash drives to full!

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