Oonops Drops - Promised Land

by: Brooklyn Radio

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This time Oonops drops some real heavy, exclusive and unreleased world music for your listening pleasure. His two guests in this month's show are Björn Wagner - head honcho of the lovely Mocambo Records label - who did a little funk'n'soul showcase of Mocambo 45s with sample-flips, versions, previously unreleased and classic tracks. Next guest is DJ Gilla from the UK - label boss of First Word Records - with a beautiful selection out of his crates. But before Oonops starts the show with music for the open minded audience including a hot vinyl selection of dub, afro, indie and spiritual sounds. Including exclusive Agogo Records testpressings by Hidden Jazz Quartett and Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra. Lay back and enjoy the ride.

DOWNLOAD & FULL TRACKLIST: http://brooklynradio.com/oonops-drops/

Visit www.mixcloud.com/oonops here: www.facebook.com/djoonops | Mocambo Records: www.facebook.com/mocamborecords | First Word Records: www.facebook.com/firstwordrecords

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