SYS Sister Sounds 001 - Maggie Tra [31-03-2020]


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First Broadcast: 31-03-2020

Show Name: SYS Sister Sounds

Artist name: Maggie Tra

Frequency: Monthly

A hint of sweet with a dash of spice, spell-bounding smooth selector Maggie Tra uses the world as her playground. The Australian born Khmer/Viet multi-facet Boss Lady brings finesse and flair to the dance-floor by embracing the culture of the land she's in with wholeness and conviction. Beyond her own pursuance, Maggie is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and empowering womxn in the music industry.

Steeped in musical flair, you may well be familiar with Maggie Tra. With knowledge and an intricate musical pallet, the multi-talented DJ Maggie Tra hosts SYS Sister Sounds, a monthly show dedicated to spinning Hip Hop, Soul and RnB music with a focus on uplifting and empowering womxn and non-binary people in the music industry. A show that's completely Pho The Girls and supporters of them.

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