Narratives from the Third Space 006: Autogenesis w/ Sounds Of Life [07-12-2019]


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‘For me, this mix conjures images of travel, of commuting; I find moments of clarity amongst the dense urban environment, towards the nature reserve to whom is my neighbour, along with the bird who sing songs of exaltation, as we negotiate or rather spectate the modes of operation within landscapes that increasingly feel at odds with one another.’ - Autogenesis

Sounds of Life is an ongoing conversation amongst friends. An exchange of the mutual appreciation of the sonic world around us. Since we are now spread across the UK, it is through the sharing of field recordings that we discuss, reflect upon and study each other's points of listening, whilst glimpsing into the world on another. Recorded and composed by Auguste Oldham, Zac Pomphrey and Jasper Golding.

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