Narratives from the Third Space 004: Autogenesis w/ Yosuke Tokunaga [05-10-2019]


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Yosuke Tokunaga invites you on a journey of detached engagement. By relying on an

arsenal of fragmented and sludge-like beats the Japanese music producer leaves his strong

conceptual marks all over the show. Were we music journalists, it's very likely that we would

refer to his creations as the epitome of abstraction and hazy atmospheres, a half-opened

window to a not yet imagined world.

More recently he released a new cassette at Prepaid Records, from Leipzig - Germany.

Don't miss the change to dive into Yosuke's idiosyncratic world.

Autogenesis with Yosuke Tokunaga takes you on an ethereal journey with hazy atmospheres and ambient passages.

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