Narratives from the Third Space 002: Autogenesis w/ Justyna Stasiowska [03-08-2019]


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This is a collage conversation between one and two and many others. It is a cut-up exercise destined to cut into the notions of identity and context of a collective, adaption and mimicry. A result of file exchanges between Autogenesis and Justyna Stasiowska, it uses fragmentation and juxtaposition as ways to illuminate new forms of reading and listening, as flames slowly burning silence and smoke revealing unknown possible meanings.

Justyna Stasiowska is a researcher, music producer and sound designer, working with both theory and sound. She lives in Poland and is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Performance Studies, with a thesis entitled “Noise. Performativity of Sound Perception”. Besides working for theatre and dance she has recently released a cassette at Polish label Nawia.

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