ghunghru 031 - Michael Claus [23-01-2020]


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Curated by Arushi Jain aka ose | ओस, ghunghru will feature both live sets and mixes and will function, among other things, as a place where sound can be sound without needing to be music.

"This mix consists of all original tracks of mine, some of which are formally released on labels while the rest are unreleased. They were made over the past couple of years, some ranging back to 2016 while others are more recent... I have a biased opinion because I'm the creator of these, but one thing that struck me when listening back was how although my overall creative and technical process has evolved over the years, many qualities of the music have stayed the same. A creator's technical and creative process and overall preferences develop and change over time, but something much less tangible, something that's challenging to describe stays the consistent..." - Michael Claus

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