Fresh as Fungus 001 - Chinmay [02-10-2019]


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First Broadcast: 03-10-2019

Show Name: Fresh As Fungus

Artist name: Chinmay

Frequency: Monthly

Chinmay is an up-and-coming composer/sound designer/foley artist that works in the film and gaming industry. He also plays woodwinds like the sax and the clarinet, having studied Carnatic music under Kadri Gopalnath and jazz at Berklee.

Fresh as Fungus takes you on an hour-long journey all across the globe, exploring the music of lesser-known artists long-forgotten by history. Tune in to discover gems from obscure jazz to Nigerian Afrobeat, Cuban Son music, French Zeuhl, English Canterbury and Prog, Japanese City Pop, Brazilian MPB and Tropicália, German Krautrock, Italian Library Music and much more.

This episode features obscure progressive rock, jazz-rock and jazz-fusion from all over Europe, Brazil, Canada and Israel recorded during the 1970s.

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