Euphonic Frequencies 001 - Orion (Ft. Guest Mix by Jessko) [15-11-2019]


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Download Now: Euphonic Frequencies 001 - Orion (Ft. Guest Mix by Jessko) [15-11-2019]

First Broadcast: 15-11-2019

Show name: Euphonic Frequencies

Host: Orion

Frequency: Monthly

Euphonic Frequencies by Orion is a monthly show featuring best of dance-floor centric indie electronica, focusing on Indian producers and also featuring guest mixes by upcoming artists.

Mumbai based artist, Onkar a.k.a DJ ORION started his journey in 2017 and has left quite a mark with his versatility & impeccable selections. His DJ sets are a mix of edgy sounds entwined in structured layers and crossing genres. He has opened for the likes of Gerd Janson, Oliver Huntemann, Victor Ruiz, Jeremy Olander, Horse Meat Disco and many more.

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