Black Room - /14/ 05.04.2020 «Quarantine edition»

by: Black Room

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Marginal sounds of the underworld

:ƎP1SØÐƐ /I4/ O5.O4.2O2O «Quarantine edition»:

01:15 POLICE DES MOEURS - Vitesse Immobile

05:09 MANGELEXEMPLAR - Irrenhaus

08:15 DETOX TWINS - Dead horse ghost

11:21 ENiB - No way out

14:34 ABU NEIN - Love in vain (feat. Mort-Moi)

18:20 NO - Cancel

21:56 THE COLUMN - Sparrow’s tongue

24:07 VELVET KILLS - Cash and move

27:25 ELZ AND THE CULT - Horrified

30:45 HØRD - #13

32:30 MAREUX - Spectral tease

34:52 SDH - Your next story

38:21 JOEL EL - Performing a crime (TYVYT-IYTYI remix)

42:45 MAENAD VEYL - Stranger (feat. Years of denial)

45:41 YEARS OF DENIAL - Human you scare me (Silent severant remix)

49:43 LUCINDO - Act 2000

Black Room airs every Sunday from 09.00 PM (Rome TZ). Streaming online - Local area FM 9O.O

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