Lose it (to the Sound) (BLTs "another Headphone Ecstacy" Mix)

by: Bastian Leonidas Thomas

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Often i am losing myself in thoughts... i have learned to transform stress into eustress @ work, but sometimes there are situations where i am questioning myself "is this the right thing you are doing? should you do something else? would you be more happy doing something else?". I am then asking myself "could someone else have done this task equally as good as you? are you the one to do the job?". Enough thinking for now... when i lay down the vinyl on the platters my mind goes blank - no more thinking. watching the needle floating over the groove, adjusting speed, concentrating on percussions & or basslines... feeling... mixing... after the recording is done i am peaceful & all prevailing questions are answered somehow. i can say that mixing music is a way to treat & express my emotions. does it mean the same to you? please excuse the cracking appearing sometimes, my mixer has gone cleaning after this session.

C&M by Bastian Leonidas Thomas 09 / 2019. Photography & Edit by BLT.

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