Ears & Fingers (BLTs "Are you... /You are... strange" Mix)

by: Bastian Leonidas Thomas

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Losing myself in the sound... catching a glimpse of the whole in the moments of the transitions... fully concentrated in a trance-like state... being only Ears & Fingers for the time of the recording - trying to perfect transitioning for maximum listening experience... yes, maybe you already heard some of the tracks some time ago in somebody elses mix. I don't fire them off by release date, i collect, listen & select them carefully when their time has come for "my story"... in this one i added a bonus track as the last one - a track that needs to be heard from the first to it's last tone. Although it's style is totally different from the rest, i felt somehow like it might be a good finishing move... grab your headphones & follow me once again ❤

C&M by Bastian Leonidas Thomas 9 / 2019. Selfie & Edit by Me.

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