SashaDigweedOakey 97-00

by: Avi Bhadresha

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I first discovered these DJ's in 97-98 and for me - these type of tunes represent what got me into house/trance/electronic music. So its a trip down memory lane and into the core of what made me love these DJ's.

Orkidea - Unity (Original Mix)

Jayn Hanna - River of Tears (Evolution Club Mix)

Blackwatch - Northsky

Mike Oldfield Far Above The Clouds Jam Spoon Deep Inside The Club Mix

Planet Heaven - Nautical Bodies

Ocean Wave - Velvet

Cass & Slide - Mephistos Child (Danny Howell's Squelch Mix)

Evolution - Phoenix (Breeder Remix)

DeNiro - Deepsky

Christopher Lawrence - Cruise Control

Breeder - Twilo Thunder (Stoked Up Mix)

Return Of The Native - The Lost Tale

Pablo Gargano - Farringdon

Origin - Refined Intricacy '99 (Original)

Deepsky - Cosmic Dancer (Heads Of State Remix)

Force Mass Motion - Lost (In Time)

Ashtrax - Kafka (Danny Howells 'Squelch' Mix)

Deniro - Mind of Man - Jonathan Allyn rmx

Christopher Lawrence - Shredder (Transa Remix)

Transa - Enervate

Mystica - Ever Re...

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