Budapest Patterns

by: Simon Iddol

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Budapest Patterns

compiled by Simon Iddol

01 mïus - Heavy Heart ft. Zolo [Théque Records] 2018

02 Chillum Trio - Taïm [Budabeats Records] 2018

03 August Hoffer - Do U Have a Bass [Emerald & Doreen Records] 2018

04 Carbonfools - Crossroads (Anima Sound System cover) [Anima Records] 2018

05 Péterfy Bori & Love Band - Szédülés (Simon Iddol Into The Sunrise Remix) 2016

06 Finskit - White Drawer [Emerald & Doreen Records] 2018

07 Simon Iddol [UNRELEASED] 2015

08 Auto Reverse - Cruisin' The Milky Way [Budabeats Records] 2018

09 Kovács Kati - Kérdés önmagamhoz [Hungaroton] 1980

10 Finskit - Yellow Field [Emerald & Doreen Records] 2018

11 Chillum Trio - Eyes Closed Ears Open [Budabeats Records] 2017

12 Yonderboi – Pabadam [Mole Listening Pearls / UCMG Hungary] 2000

13 Zagar - Wings Of Love (Karmatronic & Candyman Da Marquis Remix) [Mole Listening Pearls] 2009

studio version

the original version was performed live at ’Hungarian Days in Tel-Aviv’

October 16. 2019.

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