The Smooth Operators Present Mellow Moods

by: Professor Eddy

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In the 1970s studio techniques improved rapidly and there was plenty of money to hire the best musicians, so artists took their time to make their records. In Philadelphia, for instance, the sophisticated 'Philly soul' was created ('Get down with the mellow sound') by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and around the West Coast singer-songwriters started to make their own mellow sound, which is now known as 'yacht rock'. This clean new sound was perfect for upcoming FM radio, so it became immens popular, especially in the US. By the beginning of the 1980s people got fed up with the mellow sounds and its popularity faded. The Smooth Operators ( & me) pay tribute to the heyday of the FM sound with our series Mellow Moods. It contains some fresh blood too. Enjoy our trip on quiet water!

Picture: Théo Gosselin



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