Smooth Sunday Morning Selection (AOR On The Radio)

by: Professor Eddy

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Enjoy this new ‘morning radio’ episode of AOR On The Radio! It is spiced up with some old jingles. Probably the best space track ever is ‘Starship 109’ from Mistral. It’s such a good song! Mistral was a space disco project from Dutchman Robbie van Leeuwen. He wrote ‘Venus’ for Shocking Blue, a number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970 and for Bananarama in 1986. You can hear Van Leeuwen play guitar on ‘Starship 109’ as well. You can read more about the mix on my blog and Facebook page

By the way, I'm very proud to be number 9 in the Mixcloud Top 25 Best Of 2015 Eclectic:

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