1976 - Northern Rascal Long Hot Summer Mix. Rock & Pop classics from the hottest UK summer on record

by: Northern Rascal

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Lockdown Mix (Week 4). One of the upsides of having a very wide knowledge and interest in all types of music is that now and again i get the urge to mix music from an era or a genre that i have never mixed before. This mix is the first of a short series of mixes covering music from the late 70’s early 80’s. As a DJ i don’t play many of these out at all these days but its a nice definition of what was getting played in a particular year. You may notice that there is no real soul, funk or disco included. This is because i may do those on a separate mix at a later date. As far as Covid 19 is concerned i hope everyone stays well and keep inside as much as you can. The sooner we all follow the rules, the sooner life will return to relative normality. Stay safe.

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