Dirtbox Jury (A 45 Live Mix)

by: DJ Moneyshot

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Recently I was welcomed into the 45 Live Crew's open arms, and am now a fully fledged and paid up member of this 7" slinging posse. As an initiation I was tasked with crafting a world-beating all vinyl, all 45s, super throwdown mega mix, as is my style. Here is that mix. More to follow. When that tiny record-shaped Bat signal goes up, I’ll bury my arms deep in them crates again.

It went out live on their airwaves a hot minute ago. I’ve popped it up here to keep that backslap gravy train rolling. Tell ten chums, and then head to https://www.mixcloud.com/45Live/ for more from this next-level team of record loving super DJs.

Much luh,


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