Mark Kavanagh -Tony De Vit Tribute 2FM Mix

by: Lost Gay London

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01 Diddy: Give Me Love (TdV Remix)

02 Sapphire: Never Be Lonely Again (TdV Remix)

03 Shamen: Move Any Mountain (TdV Remix)

04 SJ: Fever (TdV Remix)05

05 Tony de Vit: Do Not Be Afraid (Use A Condom)

06 Tony de Vit: The Dawn

07 Tony de Vit: Feel My Love

08 Marmion: Schoneburg (TdV Remix)

09 Tony de Vit: Dont Ever Stop (Unreleased SJP Remix)

10 Funky Dory: Good Times (TdV Remix)

11 Cygnus X: Turn Around (TdV Remix)

12 V Tracks: Subway 26 (TdV Remix)

13 Tony de Vit: Get Loose

14 Dweeb: Oh Yeah Baby (TdV Remix)

15 Tony de Vit: Bring The Beat Back (F1 Remix)

16 E-Trax: Lets Rock (TdV Remix)

17 Tony de Vit: Are You All Ready

18 Tony de Vit: Resistance Is Futile

19 The Age Of Love: The Age Of Love (TdV Remix)

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